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patching machine parts|Shenzhen yinuoda Auto Parts
  • Number:below 50.000
  • Date Posted:2013-12-20 10:07:33
  • Expiring On:2014-3-20 10:07:33

Supplier Details

Shenzhen yinuoda Auto Parts Co., Ltd.,

Contact: Summer

Product Details
Shenzhen yinuoda Auto Parts Co., Ltd., the company mainlysupply: generator, ball head rod, a tyre bolt. The company has always been, and development ideas of power, to the quality of survival, to the quality of. Taking, integrity and pragmatic, and sustainable management, business purpose, continuous innovation, product quality,management level, and gradually reached the internationallevel.We mainly produce:Seal ring(O—Ring、X—Ring、V—Ring、R—Ring、Y—Ring、U—Ring),Oil seal,Washer,Bushing,Waterproof ring,Stop-Ring,Dustproof cover,Dust boot,Bonded seals,Seal cover,Seal holder,Bearing sleeve,Boot,Blade,Socket,Grommet,Nut,Clip,Housing,Gauze,Dust cap,Buffer block, Pad,Gasket,Buffer absorber,

Isolation block,PU Piston,Strainer,Handle,Rotary seal,Frictional damping washer,Axis guide,Water blocking,Torque core,Oil pipe,Rubber hose,Water tube,Ripple tube,Brake shoe block,disc film,Absorber Boot,
rzeppa kits,
Repair kits, Center Support,Engine Mounting,Shock Absorber,Torque Rod Bush,Center Bearing,Strut Mounting,Bushing,
Compressor parts,Brake parts,Air valve parts,Rubber mountings,and Casting Aluminium,Casting Copper,Casting Steel and the other relative product etc,.

It chiefly adopts the major materials such as:multifarious Natutal Rubber(NR),Lonitrile-butadiene Rubber(NBR),Fluorine Rubber(FKM/VITON/FPM),Silicone Rubber/Silica Gel(VMQ),Ethylene propylene Rubber(EPDM),Chloroprene Rubber(CR),Butyl Bubber(IIR),Polyacrylate Rubber(ACM),Polyurethane(PU),Nylon(PA),Polyresen(PE),Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE),Polformaldehyde(POM),Poly vinyl chloride(PVC),Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene(ABS),Polystyrene(PS),Asbestos,Copper,Iron,Aluminium,Stainless steel,Hybrid composite,etc..

Now the products are fitting for many big and small-sized enterprises,and exports of Europe,South America,Africa,the Middle East,Southeast Asia and other more than 30 countries and regions,received a large number of domestic and foreign affairs users praise.  
Warm welcome calls at the customer advisory letter.

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