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TRW: Design safer automotive products for Chinese consumers

Jero2013-6-15 14:09:41

TRW owns a high reputation in the filed of automotive safety products globally. In order to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers, the company is managing to provide automotive safety products with lower cost and better performance. Meanwhile, TRW is pushing ahead with the integration of safety technology and make a lot of achievements. Recently, Jeff Shaya, TRW’s Technical Director of Asia Pacific Brake Systems Engineering and Manfred Meyer, TRW’s Vice President of Global Application accepted an interview with Gasgoo.com and shared us with their advanced technologies and achievements in the brake system and integration of safety.
Gasgoo:Automobiles' brake system is critical to automobile safety. As the world’s leading manufacturer of auto safety products, what experiences have you had in the brake products and what advantages do TRW have over its competitors in terms of brake system design?
Manfred Meyer: TRW has 50 years of experience starting from the first braking products that have ever been used in cars. Year by year, we learn more and more what to do. We have become number one in the field of acceleration and electrical park brakes; we are also one of the strongest system integrators with stability control and ABS. We provide full integrated knowledge on what has to be done, and we can adapt our knowledge and components to every vehicle in the world , from the entrance level vehicle up to the top level vehicle.
If you look at our competitors, they only have a selection of our brake products. The other advantage we have is that we also have other components, like radars, video cameras, steering systems and active controls. Braking is an integrated functionality. For example, the automatic emergency braking, which require interaction between the radar, video camera and brakes, because you have to brake without driver input. This interface requires long-lasting development, which we have been doing for years.
Gasgoo: Since your team has abundant knowledge reserve in the brake system, what measures have you taken to provide the right products to meet the local consumers’ needs?
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