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Wuhan international exhibition is wonderful

Jero2012-3-2 10:54:03

The national auto part trade and national auto parts purchasing transaction was closed in Wuhan international exhibition center which was expected by many auto parts industries on 17 Oct. 2011. The exhibition lasted for 3 days, more than 1900 famous enterprise came to the exhibition and showed the most advanced enterprises, high-technology and the most famous brands. As the most important internet press media, globe auto parts purchasing net leaded a strong team and provide the professional service and gave reports about the exhibition.
With the fastest development of China's economy, china's auto parts market show a prosperous future. Because of the bottleneck of auto parts, auto parts industry went slowly, the industry standard came to a form. This is a good beginning of auto parts industry. Some customers put emphasis on building brands and they focus on own-brand. Network, books, electric books, magazines and advertisements appear everywhere. Shenzhen Kunpeng adapt to the environment and develop the business and became the top media. We specialize in auto parts and provide a sound platform for auto parts industry.
Kenpeng's books and distributor Cd appear on the Wuhan national trading center. Kunpeng's appearance injected a vigorous and the trading center became more practical. A lot of buyer's stand in front of Kunpeng Hall. They  consult about the service, buy books and CD. 
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