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Kunpeng got achievement in the 2011 Shanghai Frankfurt

Jero2012-3-2 10:47:00

    The biggest Asia auto parts exhibition, maintenance detection diagnosis equipment and auto supplies exhibition closed on 10.dec.2011(short for Automechanika Shanghai) in the Shanghai New International expo center. This exhibition is held by Automechanika shanghai Co;Ltd and China's auto industrial international cooperation, which is the biggest auto parts, maintenance equipment and auto supplies. After 7 years, the exhibition is becoming prosperous with china's industrial development, there are 13 exhibition halls, covering an area of 150.000 kilometers of 3.600 exhibitors.
The exhibition is an unprecedented presence, there are many buyers and sellers on the spot who had lots of auto parts orders , shenzhen Kunpeng took part in the exhibition. Supported by exhibition side, we release a large quantity of books and materials and CD and provide the best service. There are people to answer the question everywhere in order to advertise. We try to build first class international platform to build a stronger international brand.
During the exhibition, Kunpeng collect many international buyers' orders , we will send the information into the members' boxes. If you want to get the international buyers' information. Call: 0755-86210780

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