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Kunpeng — auto parts information, monthly magazine is a kind of paper media that provide opportunities for supplier in the internet era. It is sure that the difference can be seen when an enterprise appears on the internet with the strength of paper media. China enterprise can't satisfy the competitive strategy, it should enlarge the distance and build its own brand and paper media will take the advantage. Kunpeng auto parts information has rich content, much information and effective and release the latest and complete auto parts information, it has an annual capacity of 50.000 copies and takes a important role in highlighting the difference among the enterprises

The target of releasing kunpeng auto parts information:
Auto manufactures 5%, engine machine factories 9%, auto parts manufactories 12%, auto parts distributors 47%(including agents 9%, wholesales 29%, retailer 7%), auto parts imp&exp companies 7%, auto parts repair factories 9%, professional auto parts purchasing teams and person s11%

The channel of releasing kunpeng auto parts information:
Mail to an important customers 20.000 copies in China(large wholesalers, distributors, vehicle purchasing department, trading company and so on ) Put 20.000 copies in releasing station in national auto parts city and auto parts street ( Beijing, shanghai. Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Jinan, Qingdao, Nanjing, Kunming, Changchun, Shiyan, Xi'an auto parts city) Put 10.000-30.000 copies in the professional auto parts exhibition. (add 10.000-30.000 in the large - scale exhibitions)

The advantages of kunoeng- auto parts advertisement:
Large circulation(50.000 copies), full covered ( all over the country), professional reader(auto parts person), long advertisement period (release every mouth) Promote products, strength the old customers, increase the new customers and improve the image of enterprises Meanwhile, if you want to know more details, you can enter B2B trade platform— global auto parts purchasing net- www.qp365.net, Our net has 58.000 membership, there are thousands of visit volume daily. We will release the picture of products and selling and buying information all year around. And we have the function of setting the the key words and receive the selling and buying information timely. You can enter the website without preventing.

The feature of Kunpeng auto parts information
Authority, profession, practical, extensive and readability

1 Mouth magazine: release auto parts market of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles according to market need.

2 Unique model: we are the professional carriers of effective monthly magazine+ website + recommend buyer's information and meet the demands of customers

3 Huge information: rich contents、superior information、effective 、release latest and exact information of auto parts and international buyer's purchasing list.

4 Professional classification: involve in the system of auto parts industry and distributor of commercial vehicles, we can divide the categories according to body structure, and make a further classification according to engine, chassis, electronic and body parts.

5 Widely release: release 50.000 every month, large circulation, wide coverage, professional classification and exhibition spread the influence, covering commercial vehicle auto parts manufactures, auto parts wholesale distributor, vehicle repair enterprises and logistic and freight company, passenger transportation company and national middle transfer station.

6 Effectively release: mail the books to advertised customers' vehicles and products; establish the releasing station in the auto parts city, focus on the customers and release on exhibition.

7 Membership: You can become a VIP of global auto parts purchasing net and enjoy preferential in advertisement. You can choose to become a ordinary member and enjoy a free internet service.

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